Ingrid Muller

Hi! I'm Ingrid - and yes, I'm a photographer :)


But more specifically; I'm a PEOPLE photographer. 

And even more specifically; an outdoors, natural light PEOPLE photographer!

I love documenting families (small families, big families), couples, children

- watching them interact and connect with eachother, and making the shoot about THEM. We want real pictures, with real emotions!


I also shoot more formal headshots, and events!

The one most important thing during my shoots (except for the technical stuff) is that 

my subjects feel 100% comfortable and relaxed. 

That noone feels intimidated by the camera, and that they know from the beginning that I will not ask them to do anything they aren't comfortable with. 

I speak English, Hebrew - and Norwegian,

as I was born in South Africa, grew up in Norway, and have been living

in Israel for the last 20 something years. 


I am located in Modiin where I live with my husband, 

4 sweet children and bunny.